farm equipment repair western kentucky

Custom Engineering is a family owned and operated business that has been in the McCormick family since 1977. Custom Engineering was established by Tommy McCormick and wife Freda and is currently run by their son, Craig McCormick. They built the business on a foundation of quality work and exceptional, personalized service. The team at Custom Engineering is comprised of a handful of sales men and women and a group of technicians that together have over 100 years of combined experience.

Custom Engineering provides services such as welding, fabricating, and machining to our clients. We specialize and take pride on our exceptional ability to repair and rebuild mining equipment. With the way that the mining industry has boomed in the area, we realized there was a need and found a solution to meet that need. We deal with many large companies and other smaller companies that are quickly growing. Several of our technicians spent time down in the coal mines and have hands-on experience with how everything is supposed to work. We feel that this is what sets up apart from the others out there. This kind of experience is hard to find. We provide a quality product to our customers and more importantly personalized service. We may not always claim to be the cheapest around, but we do claim to be the best.